Monday, 6 October 2008

Newcastle University’s MathSoc benefited greatly in the last academic year from the generous sponsorship received from the IMA. Our improved itinerary, packed with enjoyable events saw the member count to be almost double expectations.

The year began with a pub quiz during Fresher’s week allowing students to meet their new lecturers. This was followed by a couple of thoroughly enjoyed pub crawls and days out paintballing and bowling.

Two of our main events were the guest lectures given by Professor Robin Johnson and Dr Phil Ansell. These were particularly enjoyed by students and lecturers alike. As these events were open to anyone we also had students from different courses come along to enjoy these lectures. Guest lectures are a main area to focus on next year as we look to increase the number and range of these on offer.

Moreover, MathSoc used its connections with Deloitte to organize several talks. Here, students had the opportunity to talk with current Deloitte employees and discuss the various employment opportunities that Deloitte can offer graduates. Many students found these very useful.

MathSoc would like to thank the IMA for their contribution as much of this would not have been possible without it. After just recieving confirmation that the IMA will be sponsoring us again over the 08/09 academic year we are very excited about the events to come.

So far this year we have already held a very successful pub crawl and pub quiz. Both of these events were attended by many members, and after annoncing that we have now booked a trip to Amsterdam in January more and more people are joining MathSoc everyday.

Without the help of an IMA grant it would be much harder for us to provide our members with brilliant opportunities like these that enhance their University experience. So again, we thank the IMA for their support and hope that we can strengthen our relationship with them and their relationship with our members over the coming year.

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